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Glass Door applications for walk in freezer

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Glass Door applications for walk in freezer

In the food industry and retail industry, walk in freezers have a wide applications for food display and sales, Speaking of display, it is easy to think of glass doors, yes, cold room with glass doors is very popular for displaying and sales.


So what are the specific applications of glass doors in walk in freezers?


  1. For Walk in cooler and Reach ins DISPLAY.

Walk in cooler means a cold room allow people to walk in to take goods and put goods on shelves. Reach in cooler is a cold room allows people to reach in from front to choose goods from shelves. 


      2. Glass entrance door ( glass entry door , personal entry door ) for Walk in cooler

Glass entrance door, also called personnel entry door is mainly used for walk in cooler and walk in freezer . It could be 2-pane heated glass unit for cooler application or 3-pane heated glass unit for freezer application. It could be single action or double actions.



     3. Heated viewing Windows on walk in freezer and cooler


Heated viewing windows have been widely used on walk –in coolers and walk in freezers, such as Beer caves or some food preparation areas. To promote sales, to get more products display is very important, so for retail owners and food service owners, it is wise to creat more DISPLAY oppertunities for customers. Heated viewing windows are just like a shop window, which can enhance purchasing interests to get more sales.


One more application is the small viewig window on the door of walk in coolers and freezers.



For any specific application requirment, please contact us.


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